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君と逢うのはいつも雨の中~ it's always rain when I see you~

21 March
Layout from kimmyxfleur at okimiyage

Hello, I'm Ashling, I am from Chile, and I really, realy like Arashi (as I'm sure you can tell :)
I was a lot into metal before, and I still like it, even though it seems pretty incompatible with my Arashi-addiction, but oh well :)

I also like translating some Arashi songs to Spanish (for there are many people who do so to English and Spanish is my first language). You can find them at my journal under the "translation" tag. If you want to share them, all I ask is a link to my entry, and credit before you repost them somewhere else. A link back to that place would be good, as I'd like to know here where they went to. :D (and yeah, really, I don't want to annoy everyone with that, I myself reaaally dislike this whole "credit" controversy out there, for there are many ppl who could do the same translations/scan the same magazine/rip the same vids, etc, but I agree it is nice to see your work being acknowledged and respected :)

If I've used one of your icons/layouts/graphics, please let me know so I can give you proper credit; I sometimes forget where they came from, but it will never be intentional misapropiation :O

This is what I listen to, and it is what moves my world :)